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Burst Straight In

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He was sat there in the hairdresser's chair. Everything was normal until I walked past the window, then everything went dark. The hairdresser leaned forward:
"I can see into the mirror," he said, spookily.
"I know," said the customer. "Shut up and cut my hair!"
"I can see your face,"
"So can I!"
"Do you want me to lap dance for you?"
"WHAT???? GET OUT OF YOUR SHOP!!!" And so the hairdresser ran out of the shop, and I ran in, pulled he customer out of the chair, and sat down.
"Okay, so what'll it be?" said the customer, now stood behind me.
"A full massage with all the extras," I winked.
"Okay, I'll fetch Melanie..." and off he ran into the street. "MELANIE! MELANIE!" he shouted as he ran through the street.
"Yes?" answered a woman he'd never met before.
"We have a customer."
"Okay," she said, and followed him back to the shop.

Meanwhile, the haidresser had changed his mind ("Hang on, what the hell am I doing???!!!") and ran back. He was so angry that a customer had told him to get out of his own shop, that he ran through the door without even opening it. The customer was so shocked he ran away. Melanie sat in the chair.
"Okay, what'll it be?" asked the hairdresser.
"Well," said Melanie. "I would quite like a bowl of cereal actually."

Then everything faded and all was black, and I realised that I'd been remembering a dream whilst dreaming about walking home from the shops, and there I was, stood on the top of a building in the middle of nowhere. It weas night time. I was tired. I decided to go to sleep. I fell, and landed in a cloud.


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