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1st April 2006

That is Cheltenham down there, which is Gloucestershire's largest town. I like the composition in this shot, how I have got the bench in the picture. The sky is great too.

A nice dramatic shot of a small cliff face combined with Cheltenham in the distance.

In this shot, I like the angles that provide perspective, and also the dramatic sky. At first, I was irritated that the person got into shot, but I actually think it adds character.

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5th April 2006

I love the mood of this shot. I didn't have my tripod with me at the time, but I found a rock to steady the camera on.

I slightly altered the colour of this in Photoshop.

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3rd April 2006

I think the colour and composition in this shot is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And the small amount of blue sky seen through the trees is the icing on the cake!

I love shots like this, with sunlight through trees.

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