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The LoonyHouse was ShockyVoiced at the minnymin who floated above his sloapy garden.

"I want to wear your underpants!" shouted the minnymin.
"NO!!!" roared the House.
"WHY NOT???" screamed the minnymin.
"Because tomorrow I am boarding a plane for New York, where I shall use a time machine to go back to 1998 and stand atop World Trade Center One. All my pairs of underpants will be used to make a giant paraglider for me to fly above the city, and then off into the distance, across the oceans far and wide in search of the meaning of life itself, where I shall find orange rivers, horses with only 3 legs, badgers on stilts, beautiful lakes made of cheese flavoured jelly, and the world's largest collection of autographed Cliff Richard albums."

My cat think he's blue. HE'S NOT!

My cat thinks he's blue. I told him he isn't. He won't listen.


Ah-ha, it is the Glowing Blue Ooob of the MoonCow, radiating Ooom towards the Secret People of the ShadowFeet.

That day I stood outside your house all StareyEyes and HappyMouth, bright green in my big HappyHead. "You can't stop me! You can't stop me, I am HappyTrousersMan!" That's what I said, when you tried to push me into the puddle. It was wonderful.

Yesterday, I did a new thing. I wanted a method of doing in a new walk in the countryside, but without choosing it from a book or just making it up and getting lost. So I got a map, measured out 5 miles of string, closed my eyes, and then randomly placed both hands down on the map, thus choosing the start and finish points of my walk (or rather, start and halfway points, as I would have to come back).

Not only did I discover quite a good walk, I have now discovered a really good method for finding new walks. It's too easy to look at a map and pick what looks like a nice walk, or even to repeat a variation of a familar walk. I like discovering new little places within countryside that I am otherwise quite familiar with. It's similar to when I go on a walk with a group. Although there is something special about walking by myself, I find it to be like a form of meditation. It's great for clearing out your head.

As I say, normally when I walk, I'm either walking with other people or walking somewhere familiar by myself. Walking somewhere new by myself has a certain sense of adventure and escape. It's like that time last April when I went to the Black Mountains in Wales by myself for the first time. I only met two people up there. Being up there, Wales down one side and England down the other....reedom!


A big old house

A house with a tree in front of it


Old disused mill

A repost of pictures originally posted to this blog back in August and September...

Definition of May

Falling Into Insanity

The evil monster that guards the edge of the woods on the hill.

The Cat Who Got Sent To Hell For Yawning Too Loudly

The Thin Line Between Memories And Dreams

I Don't Understand


Note: if this blog is still going this time next year, and you're still visiting it, there'll be plenty more great summer pictures, even better than this. I only got my digital camera in April 04. When Summer comes again, I'll be more experienced with my camera. I'll hopefully be spending far more of my spare time outside taking pictures than actually posting to my blog, but come next winter, I'll be indoors again, uploading all the wonderful pictures. You just wait, the places I'm gonna go this summer....

Also: I'll repost some other photos soon, plus also some others which I haven't uploaded before. The above ones were just the ones I'd previously posted in August and September. There's more, much more...

Well done to Robin for correctly guessing this was a glass of water (scroll down to see altered image).

You are a fartybum, yes you are!

For some reason, this really made me laugh.

Picture taken from Graffitti Paparazzi
(I'm hoping the owner of that blog doesn't mind me stealing the picture, in exchange for this link)

This is an altered photo. What is it originally a photo of?

If you think you know the answer, post a comment. The first blogger to answer correctly will have their blog linked to in my next post, along with the original photo.

Congratulations to Matt for correctly guessing that this is the view up into my chimney from my fire place.

Matt's blog

Stay tuned for more picture competitions...

Okay, here's the next picture competition.

This photo has not been altered in any way, but what is it?

Here's a slight clue: I just took this picture a few minutes ago. I simply went to a part of the house, pointed the camera in a particular place, and pressed click.

If you think you know the answer, post a comment. First correct answer (or first few, if they appear very quickly) will have their blog linked to in my next post.

The first two people who guessed this photo correctly were (see previous post for altered image):

When Tara Met Blog

Stay tuned for further competitions....

Here is a severely altered photo. What is it originally a photo of?

If you think you know, post a comment with your answer. The first correct answer will get a link to their blog in my next post, along with the original photo.

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