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23 October 2005
I have lots more Autumn photos

Due to the large amount of spam comments I have been receiving lately on this blog, I have made the decision to disable the comments feature. Instead, I now invite you all to send me e-mails if you have any comments on anything on my blog.

There is now an e-mail link at the bottom of every post, and also on the right side of the blog, underneath the About Me section.

To be honest I prefer the idea of receiving e-mails anyway, it makes it a bit more personal. I've always found it a bit irritating when you get a comment and then you can't reply via e-mail because it has that generic no-reply address on it.

Photo taken 22nd October 2005
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16 October 2005
Want to see more of my Autumn photos?

In the county of Cornwall in the far south west of England, 57% of the population cannot drive, 62% list "being told not to wear sandals" as one of their hobbies, and a gigantic 73% of the population claim they are able to survive entirely on seaweed.

If you lined all the world's pencils end to end, they would poke out the side of the universe.

Photo taken 15 October
Want to see more of my Autumn photos?

Back in the summer, I got into the habbit of recording from internet radio, and then editing the results and saving the bits I liked. The problem with this, was that I have lots of music that I like but which I don't know the name of.

There is one particularly good piece of music, and I wonder if anybody can shed any light as to who it's by, based on my description of it.

It starts off with a harp melody, and it it is mainly based around a piano/harp melody, with many other sounds mixed into it, some accoustic and some electronic. This is all set to a groovy (but slightly minimalistic) mid tempo electronic beat, along with occasional voice samples. A little girl's voice keep's saying "artificial", whilst a woman's voice says things like "electronic" "incantations", "co-dependency", and (at one point) "audiology". These voices sound American.

The whole thing sounds like somebody has very cleverly sampled classical accoustic instrument performances, and then merged them seamlesly with electronic sounds, textures and samples.

In fact, I have uploaded the piece, so why not hear it for yourself.

But in terms of raw emotion, this other piece I recorded off internet radio is really big and emotional sounding. You really will have to hear thsi one for yourself, because there are no samples in it to identify it at all. My only problem with this piece, is that it doesn't really go anywhere, it just keeps going round in thsi big circle of big raw emotional sound.

If anybody knows what either of these pieces music are, I'd be delighted to know.

David Bowie once lived in an eleven dimensional house. This enabled certain rooms to exist outside of the space-time continuum, thus enabling him to withdraw from the public gaze whenever he wished. Legend has it that it was in one of these rooms that he composed the majority of the songs for the album The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

The first ever space shuttle was invented in 1746. However, its primitive wooden structure meant that it caught fire just before take-off, killing all 5-thousand people on board.

Sir Randolf Pogo first got the idea for the Pogo Stick in Australia in 1901 after spending 2 years travelling across the desert on the back of a kangaroo.

Special Clever Scientists has just recently discovered the gene that stops us being able to fly. It is thought that by the year 2023, the Scientists will wind a way to turn this gene off, causing people to float upwards into space and die.

First there was nothing. Yes, that's right, nothing, not even the word "nothing". Then suddenly from out of nowhere a supreme being (let's call him "God", just for fun) appeared when a loud bang happened. To begin with, God looked like a monkey and climbed an imaginary Space Tree, but later made himself a cave out of rubber, and lived there alone for many years. Then he created the planets, most of which didn't have life except for one which he called Earth, plus a few others many miles away, the inhabitants of which would fly many hours in their round dish-like vehicals to see Earth. The life on Earth was mainly monkeys and lizards and blind fish type things. One day, an apple fell sideways from a tree, and this gave God the idea to invent gravity, which pulled the aliens more towards the planet and made it harder for the monkeys to climb the trees. As a result, the monkeys went in search of bananas elsewhere, but couldn't find any away from the trees, so they died. God created Adam in the image of himself and told him to eat the apple. Adam ate the apple, and a women appeared naked before him. They had sex, and Eve got pregnant. Unfortunately, this first baby was just a giant eye, and so they had to have sex again, this time producing a huge litter of humans, enough to make a whole village. Soon, these people travelled and bred, and filled the entire planet. By this time, Planet Earth had developed its own independant conciousness called Satan, and destroyed itself in a gigantic explosion. The End.

The world's first solar-powered hovercraft was invented in 1736 by a man called Benjamin Arthur Hovercraft. It was shaped like a giant tricycle and could seat 7 people. The last one was dismantled in 1872, its parts subsequently used to build a small shed on stilts for a man called George (who later died during major elbow surgery).

Stilts were invented to enable humans to strangle giraffes.

The word "octopus" originates from the Latin words for "to swim" (octo) and "cat" (pus), and dates back to when certain breeds of rebel cats first began to swim in the sea. Many marine biologists believe that the modern octopus evolved from these swimming cats.

Photo taken 9th October 2005

See more photos of Bredon Hill

Due to a bet placed with Sylvester Stallone in 1989, Michael Douglas will win $5,000 if Oprah Winfrey ever climbs Mount Everest in a wetsuit.

The world's first ever pair of trousers was invented on the 20th of February, 1965, by a man called David Trousers, after he became ill with pneumonia from cycling to work every day in his underpants.

The Dreams...

Dream 1:
I was in a city, walking past a place like a bus station or something, and young woman was with me. We saw another young woman in the bus station, being beaten by a man. We rushed over and saved the woman from the man. The next day, she came to work in my office. Everyone was sat in different places, and all the desks were round the wrong way. All the colours was brighter. She fell in love with me.

Dream 2:
This one's a bit vague. I was on a boat (don't ask me why), and I felt really sad for some reason, and decided that I wanted to give a particular woman a big hug, so I went and gave her a hug, and felt like I really needed it. It was really emotionally intense.

The Desires...

Warning: The following section contains themes of a sexual nature. Not that that's going to stop you reading it, you filthy minded weirdo...

There is this woman on my college course. I don't know what it is about her, but there is this real spark between us. We get on really well, and she keeps touching my arm. This week, I told myself I would try not to be distracted, and that I would try really hard to concentrate on the lesson, but she looked really nice this week. I think she'd had her hair done, and she was wearing that black top, which meant I kept staring at her breasts.

There is another woman in the same lesson who I also think is quite cute, but there was no spark between us. We sat together in the very first lesson, and there was really no spark. She's nice though.

There is young woman in my badminton club. She's quite nice, but the problem is, I'm really not sure how old she is. She could be only 16 for all I know. She's quite cute though, and is quite funny when she makes a mistake and misses a shot.

This one makes no sense: There is this young woman in my office. I can't explain what it is, but somethign draws me to her. I wouldn't say she's especially great looking, and I've never even really spoken much to her, but still something makes me want her. There is this vibe. I want to rub oil all over her and play with her nipples.

Then there is this new young man. To be perfectly honest, the majority of guys don't really do anything for me, but occasionally, just occasionally, there's one that does. When he first arrived, somebody thought he was supposed to be working with me (which he wasn't) so he got introduced to me, and when he shook my hand, he seamed to look quite intensely at me, like he found me really interesting/exciting. And I keep catching him watching me from time to time, including a time when he seamed to look me up and down like he was really checking me out. I could be completely wrong about this though, he may be just a curious person, finds me visually interesting in a non-sexual way.

To be honest though, I just want somebody, anybody (but preferably female), to play with my penis. It's such a lovely penis, even if I do say so myself. It's going to waste at the moment.

1st October 2005, Gloucestershire, England.

Photos taken in September

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