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I was looking down this list of Electronic Body Music, and laughed out loud when I read that there is actually an artist called "Cat Rapes Dog"!!

Last night I had the following dream...

I was driving along a motorway (or dual carriageway), and as I approached a corner section which went under a bridge, a lorry appeared, coming towards me on my carriage! I swerved, but it swerved so it was in my way again, so I swerved again, but it swerved in my way again. This happened a few times until I finally had a head-on collision with the lorry. I woke up in hospital, and was telling my family what I remembered from the crash, saying that I remmembered crashing into the lorry and things smashing into my head, but that I didn't feel any pain because it all happened too quickly, and in actual fact being in a car accident is quite a pleasant experience.

Dream 1: Speed Limit

I was driving at night, in what I thought was a 30mph speed limit. I saw a Policeman at the side of the road with a speed gun. I was driving under 30mph, so I thought I'd be okay, but he flashed the gun at me, and when I stopped he said that the speed limit was in fact 3mph! I ran off and he chased me through a building.

Dream 2: Van

I was driving a white van, and stopped at a petrol station to fill up. I saw somebody from my current job (who I don't like), getting out of a car. I remember thinking, they can't drive, so they'll be jealous of me being able to drive a van. The driver of the car that this person was in, came into the petrol station. I bought a Diet Coke (I don't even like Diet Coke anymore!) and was told they were 2 for the price of one. I went to pay, but then the man from the car took them and walked out, saying, "They're mine!" When I got outside, the van had disappeared.

Apoptygma Berzerk:

LOL, I understood you perfectly you Californian raisin! ;-) They are a real band! Look at their website! All the bands I mentioned are real! I don't just sit around randomly thinking up German band names like some kind of deranged lunatic!

lysergic acid diethylamide. A highly dangerous illegal hard drug. Can make you hallucinate and completely lose touch with reality. The Beatles took LSD, which may explain Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields, and the Sgt Pepper album. Can cause schizophrenia, which may explain why John spent ages doing nothing but sitting in bed with Yoko. This website explains it fully.

To answer Ontario Emperor's question about German Synthpop...

Apoptygma Berzerk

But another one is Evil's Toy (now known as T.O.Y.), but I have only heard one song of theirs (but it's great!)

I've really been getting into some new music lately, with the aid of a particular piece of software that I shall not mention, plus online lists of artists in various genres.

I particular enjoy the darker end of Synthpop. Other artists I've been getting into are:

VNV Nation - British, "Futurepop" (as they refer to themselves - good melodies set on top of hard industrial beats and basslines)

Assemblage 23 - American, dark Synthpop/Industrial/EBM (Electronic Body Music)

Covenant - Danish, EBM/Futurepop

Front Line Assembly - Candian, Industrial

Delerium - Front Line Assembly's melodic commercial synthpop side project.

Neuroactive - Finnish, Synthpop

Wolfsheim - German, gothic Synthpop

Neuroticfish - German, Futurepop (only heard one song though)

I went to Westonbirt Arboretum to see the spring colours.

I have now decided that the best music in the entire universe is:

German Synthpop

It's only when you expand your thoughts beyond the subconscious boundaries constructed around us by society, that you will even begin to discover whereabouts inside yourself your most beautiful places are, nevermind visit them to take care of the land - mow the lawn, plant new trees, pick up litter - or run naked in the sunshine of your future possibilities, restricted by nothing other than your imagination.

If the sky was made of water, would you swim away into infinity, find another world made of green and blue?

Everybody's got a secret place...

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