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I quite like the Next Blog button at the top of the blogs. It's like flicking through TV channels on a TV remote, until you find something interesting. Channel surfing for people who like to read (what people are thinking).

However, yesterday I came up with a great idea. I copied the link from the Next Blog button ( and set it as my Internet Explorer homepage. Now, every time I open my browser, I get a random blog!

Also, ever post lots of comments on different blogs, but can't keep track of any replies to them? Well, a while ago I came up with a handy little technique to keep track of them. I created a folder on my desktop called Blog Topics I've Comment On, and each time I post a comment on somebody's blog, I drag down from the address bar into that folder, and it leaves a shortcut. I don't keep checking on them like some demented moron, I just look through them once every week or two, and then delete them if no other replies are there.


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