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Front Line Assembly

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I've just discovered Front Line Assembly.

Actually, I first heard about them in the early-mid 90s when they were on a Heavy Metal show I watched called Noisey Mothers. They were only on there because they had recently ecnoporated guitars into their sounds. I didn't take a huge amount of notice of them at the time, because I heard that they were originally a purely electronic industrial act, and I was still into Heavy Metal back then.

I just recently remembered their name again. I have no idea why. Anyway, I decided to try listening to some, and I think it will make great driving music.

It's nice to hear some hard music which doesn't have guitars in it, yet also doesn't sound like hardcore techno. This is really creative and well-thought-out hard electronic music. It's not pointlessly hard like some extreme Heavy Metal is, yet it's not overly melodic like a lot of dance music is these days. It somehow occupies its own place away from either.

I find it refreshing when I hear music which doesn't conform to trends or common formulas, and ends up being more listenable as a result. The problem I have with a lot of dance music these days, is that the pounding beat is exactly the same in every single song! I often enjoy listening to an online Trance radio broadcast, but sometimes end up turning it off because the constant beat ends up irritating me. I'd quite like to hear some Trance with different style of beat behind it, or maybe even without beats.

But anyway, back to Front Line Assembly. It's totally mental, and in a really good way. Lyrics far darker than most guitar bands ("...devised with only one goal, control and destruction pool all this power of evil, this global warming must bake with all our souls..." or "...faces of a Thousand People, the Sickness in Their Mind Is Real, we Fight and Struggle to Surviv, this Cultured Way of Suicide..."), with music far more interesting and hard-hitting than any guitarist could ever play.

I'm going to play this in my car really loud, and drive faster and faster until I explode. Then I'm going to be reborn and build a giant castle and kill people. I'm not really. Had you fooled though. You're so gullible. Look at you. You smell of fuck.


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