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Warm Winter Hats

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It's not winter now (it's summer), but....... One great thing about winter is that it is an opportunity to wear warm winter hats. Warm winter hats are wonderful. Every season has it's good points. Autumn is great because the leaves look so colourful, it makes wonderful walking weather for this reason and also because it's just nicely warm but not too hot. Winter is great because there are no leaves on the trees and this is good because it means you can go for a walk in the woods and see more views. Also, if it's really cold, you can get warmer by walking. Spring is wonderful because the sun is warm but the air is still cool from the winter. Summer is good because you don't have to wear as many clothes, you can go swimming in outdoor pools or at the beach. See good in anything you can't change. Even rain is good, because when you get home and you're soaking wet, you change your clothes and this feels nice. Being really cold in the winter is great fun, because you can warm up when you get home, which is fantastic. The darker time of the year also provides more apportunities for walking in the dark, which is great fun because then you get to see all those lights far away, and you can get pleasantly scared in the woods by switching your torch off. When I used to own a motorbike, I would ride in the dark, and if nobody else was on the road I would turn my bike's light off for a few seconds at a time. It was really scary the first few times I did it. Then it became exciting. Then it became almost like a compulsion. Then I got bored of it. Last winter I used to drive to the swimming pool in my car in the evenings, to go swimming (what else?). One evening, I accidentally left the inside light on in my car, and didn't realise until I got to the other town 9 miles away. Imagine that! Whenever anyone drove the other way, they would have seen my face illuminated! I have never climbed a tree in the dark, not even my favourite tree. Also, I've never climbed a tree naked. Perhaps this year I will climb a tree naked in the dark. Not if it's too cold though. I still want to hang bananas on a tree though. That would definately be fun.


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