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Histadelia (I Always Knew I Was Different, part 2)

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I got my blood test result back for my histamine test, and it says I do test positive for high histamine. Judging by what it said, normal range is 28 to 51, but mine is 62. This explains my lack of body hair, my sensitivity to heat (histamine increases body heat) and also my past of mood swings, amongst other things.

This combined with my food intolerance (most probably wheat and dairy, but it's still being investigated) and my blood sugar imbalance, means it's now official: I'm special!

My next appointment with my Nutrition Consultant is on the 17th. I'm carrying on as I have been doing until then, but eventually it may mean I need to go on a vegan diet and have special supplements (increasing calcium and methionine, but avoiding folic acid and b12).

I was already halfway there anyway since January when I started reading nutrition books and eating healthier. This is just all taking it a few steps further. We buy a lot of food from health food shops now, and I'm finding lots of new foods which I like which I'd never tried before.

But I'm really happy now I know for sure about the histamine. Now I know it wasn't all in my imagination. I have a real condition, and now I can get better.


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