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The Unlikely Possiblity of an Endless Dreamworld

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Every night we get really close to death, simply by going to sleep. What would happen if, one night, we went to sleep but didn't wake up the next morning? Would we continue to dream? Imagine that! Your body dies but you carry on dreaming, you just live on forever, not in Heaven or Hell or any kind of religious nonsense like that, but just simply within your own dreamworld, and nobody else knows you're still existing there, and you're just floating around all this weirdness that happens when you dream, going endlessly from one surreal situation to another (but would that eventually just become normal?), neverending, and nobody knows you're there, just like nobody knows what's happening to you when you normally dream, because you're no longer in anyone elses reality, just inside your own head, but what if your head doesn't really exist, it's just a way for us to make sense of this dreamworld that we go to every night? And what if that's the REAL reality, and the fake one is the one where everyone else is, all running around, bumping into each other, thump thump thump, falling over and over and over, past the hilltop, and it's a lovely summer's day, and there is a nice breeze in the air, and all the little birdies are singing, and nothing really matters...


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