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Here are some old pieces of music I made, back when I used to make music on my computer. I've been taking a break lately. Last year I had a lot of problems with my computer with regards to music making, which I found so frustrating that in the end I decided to channel my creative energy towards other things until one day when I get some better music-making technology.

Night Sky Flight 2
This one is part of a trilogy. In my opinion, it's the best part, but the other two are really good too.

Dark Rivers Run Cold
Myserious, melodic, dreamlike. I really like this.

Virtical Bizarre
Really groovy yet melodically odd. This is one of my weirder pieces. I never actually did much really weird stuff musically, but this one is one of the few exceptions. I was going through a bizarre phase musically at the time. I was experimenting with the concept of strange chord progressions, seeing how strange I could make the melodies and chord progressions whilst still keeping it listenable (due to the fact that it's nice and rhythmical and still follows a pattern). Described by one listener as being weird but done by somebody who obviously knows what they're doing. And that's absolutely right, I knew exactly what I was doing. Every part of this was entirely intentional. I was making it sound bad on purpose. If you'd heard much of my music you'd know just how easy it is for me to make really nice melodies. However, there is a further twist to the history of this piece. Although this is only about 4 minutes long, it was actually originally part of a much longer piece called The Eternal Search For Alternative Questions, which was 14 minutes and 41 seconds long, and contained various nicely melodic bits either side of this strange bit.


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