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It's Official: I'm Allergic To Cheese

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I saw my nutritionist today, and we're finally getting round to testing my possible food intolerances. She gave a sheet to take home, to write down my test results. I'm testing 4 things: Cheese (dairy), Pasta (wheat), Bread (wheat & yeast), Sugar.

You have to take your resting pulse, then eat a large amount of the food, then take your pulse at 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Then over the following 3 days, you have to write down any symptoms, which for me will be mostly Mood, Energy & Digestion. Then at least 4 days later, you test the next food type.

Anyway, I've just completed my Cheese test, and the initial result is pretty conclusive. My resting pulse rate was 81 (slightly higher than average, possibly due to my high histamine level?). Just 10 minutes after eating some cheese, my pulse had jumped to 100! At 30 minutes it was 94, then at 60 minutes it was back down to 83. My mum also said my face and neck had gone red, and that I felt hot.

Oh well, so it looks like for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I'll be a raving lunatic all over again. Well, we'll have to wait and see. Maybe some of it will be fun? I hope it's mild and short-lived though, because my progress over recent months has made me realise just how wonderful feeling "normal" actually is.

My prediction is that the results will show me as being allergic to Dairy and Sugar, but not allergic to wheat and yeast. If I'm wrong, I'll build a helicopter and fly it into the sea. Oh dear, is the cheese affecting my mind already? Help! Somebody fetch a psychiatrist! I'm about to dance naked through my neighbours' gardens!

Oh well, wish my mind & body a safe return from this bumpy journey...


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