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Dreams & Desires

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The Dreams...

Dream 1:
I was in a city, walking past a place like a bus station or something, and young woman was with me. We saw another young woman in the bus station, being beaten by a man. We rushed over and saved the woman from the man. The next day, she came to work in my office. Everyone was sat in different places, and all the desks were round the wrong way. All the colours was brighter. She fell in love with me.

Dream 2:
This one's a bit vague. I was on a boat (don't ask me why), and I felt really sad for some reason, and decided that I wanted to give a particular woman a big hug, so I went and gave her a hug, and felt like I really needed it. It was really emotionally intense.

The Desires...

Warning: The following section contains themes of a sexual nature. Not that that's going to stop you reading it, you filthy minded weirdo...

There is this woman on my college course. I don't know what it is about her, but there is this real spark between us. We get on really well, and she keeps touching my arm. This week, I told myself I would try not to be distracted, and that I would try really hard to concentrate on the lesson, but she looked really nice this week. I think she'd had her hair done, and she was wearing that black top, which meant I kept staring at her breasts.

There is another woman in the same lesson who I also think is quite cute, but there was no spark between us. We sat together in the very first lesson, and there was really no spark. She's nice though.

There is young woman in my badminton club. She's quite nice, but the problem is, I'm really not sure how old she is. She could be only 16 for all I know. She's quite cute though, and is quite funny when she makes a mistake and misses a shot.

This one makes no sense: There is this young woman in my office. I can't explain what it is, but somethign draws me to her. I wouldn't say she's especially great looking, and I've never even really spoken much to her, but still something makes me want her. There is this vibe. I want to rub oil all over her and play with her nipples.

Then there is this new young man. To be perfectly honest, the majority of guys don't really do anything for me, but occasionally, just occasionally, there's one that does. When he first arrived, somebody thought he was supposed to be working with me (which he wasn't) so he got introduced to me, and when he shook my hand, he seamed to look quite intensely at me, like he found me really interesting/exciting. And I keep catching him watching me from time to time, including a time when he seamed to look me up and down like he was really checking me out. I could be completely wrong about this though, he may be just a curious person, finds me visually interesting in a non-sexual way.

To be honest though, I just want somebody, anybody (but preferably female), to play with my penis. It's such a lovely penis, even if I do say so myself. It's going to waste at the moment.


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