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I Always Knew I Was Different

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I had my first appointment with my Nutrition Consultant today, and it turns out there's 3 possible things wrong with me.

1. First of all, she's 100% certain I've got a food intollerance. She's not sure what yet, but she thinks it's probably either wheat or dairy, since those are the most common. So she's told me to plan to follow a strict elimination diet for 3 weeks. Also, she said that addiction to certain foods is ironically a very good indication that you have an intollerance to it. That might explain why I used to be addicted to cheese, putting grated cheese on everything I ate, whereas now that I don't eat it, I don't miss it at all.

2. Secondly, she thinks I've got a blood sugar imballance, and says that I should avoid all foods with "sugar" listed high in the ingredients list. This is something I was kind of doing already anyway, but she wants me to be even more strict with it. For example, even things like Tomato Ketchup and pasta sauces contain sugar. Also, now I know why I've never got on well with alchohol. Alchohol is basically another form of sugar. Therefore, no wonder I never liked the experience - it was sending my blood sugar level all over the place. At least now I've got a better excuse for why I don't drink. Rather than "I don't like it," it's actually a case of, "my body can't take it, quite literally."

3. Thirdly, I may have a histamine imballance, most probably high, which would explain my lack of body hair, my hayfever, and also my history of mood problems. I've got to have a blood test to determine this, and if it shows an imballance, then there's specific nutrients I'll need to take.

This all means big changes, especially with regards to our shopping habits. I've been told to shop less at standard local supermarkets, and instead to shop at special health supermarkets, where they sell healthier alternatives to various foods, such as lots of low sugar foods (especially low sugar breakfast cereals), wheat free pasta, bread alternatives, and alternatives to dairy.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get this all sorted soon. I've felt pretty good lately. I want that to continue.


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