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Dream - Water Dodgems

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Last night's dream: I was at some kind of fun fair with Paul and Michelle, and we went on this ride which was like, well, the only way I can describe it is like dodgem cars except that they were on water. It was great fun! You could go forwards or backwards.

The strange thing was, it seamed like a really highly emotionally charged situation, like both extremely fun and yet sad at the same time. I remember I was in a "car" by myself, whereas most other people seamed to be 2 to a "car". I remember really enjoying the fact that I had full control over it, yet at the same time I felt like the odd one out.

Do you ever have dreams which seam REALLY important and intense, and full of clues to your inner self if only you could remember them correctly and work it all out? Sometimes when I was younger, I used to wake up almost feeling like I was emotionally suffocating, trying to desperately hold onto fragments of insight from my dreamworld.

Sometimes I envy simpler animals. We're too concious of everything, always looking for meaning. If only I could live a simple life of eat, sleep, shit, lie in the sunshine, chase things, purr.
Maybe one day I'll get back to learning how to become concious in my dreams, and then I can understand, take control, live a different life, fly, eat trees.


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