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My Early Computer Music

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Here are some pieces of music from way back in 1998, when I first started making electronic music. These three pieces were made entirely using 80s technology - Kawai K4 Synth linked up to an Atari ST. And so began my fascination with the fact that computer make key changes really easy to do.

Dark Angel
This was originally part of a much longer piece of music called Fairytails From Heaven part 2. This bit was actually just the intro for it. I was really into making stupidly long pieces of music back then.

Echoes Inside 1
Echoes Inside 2
These pieces were built entirely around the use the K4's built-in effects processor. As you'll hear, I was using one of the delay effects to create the rhythm, and the effect was global all apart from the kick drum sound (that's just they way it was). I would have only been about 19 or 20 when I did this. Oh how different things were back then. I was just on the virge of leaving college. I was a complete lunatic back then! Yes, I know what you're thinking, I'm a lunatic now. Well, no, I create crazy things, but I act relatively normal.

I included these on a compilation CD which I sent to my uncle back in 2002, and apparantly my cousins really like the first one. I remember at the time my friend paul saying number 2 was the best piece of music I'd ever made. Sometimes there's nothing quite like raw creativity in its infancy. These tracks were actually the ones from the compilation CD I made, which are both slightly shorter than the original versions (I just faded them out a bit earlier). Pointless fact: originally they were parts 2 and 3, because the original Echoes Inside was a different track, but I decided I didn't like it very much.


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