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Not Walking In The Snow

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Yesterday I was due to meet up with two friends from one of my walking groups, to help them do a walk-round for their route. I phoned James once I got to what I thought was the correct car park, and he arrived shortly afterwards, but there was no sign of Gordon. James phoned him, left a message telling him where we were. We spent about half an hour driving around all the car parks along that road, but still no sign of Gordon. The weather was getting worse. Light rain had turned into sleet, which was now developing into snow! James received a call from Gorson saying he'd decided not to do the walk due to the weather, but then heard the phone message and had gone looking for us, just at the time when we went searching the other car parks.

Gordon invited us back to his house in the nearby town. James had the best map, so I followed him. Big mistake, because James went completely the wrong way round a few roundabouts, and ended up going all the way round the edge of the town and back in the other side, ending up on some unkown housing estate. James decided to give me the map. We eventually got to Gordon's house over an hour after we'd orginally left the car park. It was a fun adventure, driving around in the snow.

We eventually went to a pub in town. I didn't know what to buy to eat, so I just ordered chips and salad. Big mistake, because potatoes have quite a high GI rating (Glycaemic Index - how fast it raises your blood glucose level), so if eaten without protein or a low GI carbohydrate, is bad news for me because if my blood glucose level goes too high then my body over-compensates and it comes crashing down too low afterwards. An hour or so after I'd eaten them, I started feeling quite peculia, slightly spaced-out, weak, and I was starting to shake. I was far too weak and disorientated to drive myself home.

Luckily I still had a few packets of oatcakes left and an apple. I parked my car in a convenient place, and quickly chomped down two whole packets of oatcakes and my apple. After a few minutes rest, I was feeling slightly better. Not perfect, but good enough to drive myself home anyway.

It just goes to show, that my energy levels have generally been pretty good lately, and I was starting to wonder whether I was blowing my whole blood glucose imballance thing out of proportion; but yesterday confirms that it's a genuine problem for me if I'm not careful, and that the reason I've generally felt so good lately is because I've been eating such a healthy diet, snacking on all those slow-releasing foods while I work, such as the oatcake, apples, nut butter and nuts.

This is why I don't like eating out, it's so complicated. Next time I'm in a situation like that, I'll order fish with it and just not eat the batter (to avoid the wheat).


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