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Throwing Faces At The Sky

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I always liked that line of the song, "throwing faces at the sky." I love really descriptive lines like that, which generate all kinds of amazing images in my head. Other great lines are "all the prayers your hands can make" and "throwing arms round yesterday".

The song A Letter To Elise (lyrics below) was always one of my favourite songs from the Cure's Wish album. I got into the Cure back in about 96/97, when the assistant manager of a shop I was working at, he recommended them to me, and he did me a copy of Wish on tape.

In the Spring/Summer of 98, when I was coming towards the end of my last year at college, I used to listen to Wish all the time on my personal stereo, usually whilst walking around the fields and trees near to the college. I was quite melacholic back then, always dreaming of lost love, writing poetry, and usually preferring to be alone rather than with other people.

So full of meaning, those days were stradling the fine line between pain and pleasure, and I'm not sure if I'll ever really know for sure whether or not I'm glad those days are gone.

And then I realise, it doesn't even matter anyway. The past no longer exists, and the future doesn't exist yet. The only reality is now. Everything else fades away...


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