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8:30pm My Hero
Sitcom starring Ardal O'Hanlon (that Irish bloke who used to play Dougal in Father Ted) about a super hero living on earth.

Channel 4
9:00pm The Simpsons
Cartoon about an American family. The father has a fat belly and says things like "Mmm, chocolate," and "WOOHOO!" It's actually quite funny once you get into it.

9:30pm Little Britain
Comedy sketch series made by Matt Lucas (fat, bald and gay - played George Dawes in Shooting Stars) and David Walliams (extremely handsome - looks gay but isn't).

Channel 4
10:00pm Celebrity Big Brother (2nd half - it starts at 9:30pm)
Reality TV in its simplest (yet most entertaining) form - lock a bunch of really famous people, who you know are totally different from each other, into a house, and watch the sparks fly. The bottom line is, people are interesting, and famous people are even more interesting. The best bit about it though, is Bez from the Happy Mondays who, having done so many drugs his whole life, is a walking miracle (because he's able to walk and he's really friendly).

10:35pm World Shut Your Mouth
Wonderful shocking cringe comedy from Dom Joly, the English bloke who likes to do excruciatingly rediculous things in public with a camera filming him, with extremely hilarious consequences. First he made Trigger Happy TV for Channel 4, then, once the UK knew who he was, he made Trigger Happy USA, and had Americans totally bewildered. This is him all over the world, and is even better. My favourite bit from last week's show was when he was stood next to the Grand Canyon with a pretend rocket attached to his back, trying to fly across. The UK just about understood him, but the rest of the world seams to have no idea what's going on, and that's joy of it. The British taking the piss out of the rest of the world. Marvelous!

11:05pm Scary Movie 2 (I probably won't still be awake).
A spoof American horror movie. I'm not sure if the words "spoof" and "American" go well together without involving Leslie Neilson in some way. If I'm still awake I'll give it a go though.


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