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Dream - The Strange Place On The Hill

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I was leading a few people on a walk up a hillside at night. We came to the top of the hill, and there was a house. The door opened, and inside, two men were walking around with bondage gear on, their penises hanging out. Then a woman appeared, and invited me in. I stepped inside, the room was big, with shelves full of books. She said I had to do a test before I could be accepted. She handed me a book. I looked through. The first item was a photo of some trees. Some had brown leaves, and some had green. Underneath the photo was a caption: "The First Green Leaves of Aumtumn". I said to her, "I know the answer to this one. It is wrong because green leaves appear in Spring, not Autumn." I felt pleased with myself that I had got it right. I then went through the rest of the book, and couldn't work out the rest of it. She said they often had really interesting discussions at that house, and that I could be a part of all that if I could understand the book. Nothing else in the book made any sense. I felt inadequate. The dream ended.


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