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Shot Man Not Connected To Bombing

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Police have now said that the man that they shot on the tube train on Friday was not connected to the bombings.

There are two stances you could take with this. On the one hand, you could say that, in the light of recent events, the Police were only insuring the safety off innocent people, because they believed him to be a suicide bomber, and killing him was the only way to insure he didn't kill several innocent people.

On the other hand, the police were not in uniform, they were in plain clothes. He probably didn't know they were police. He might have simply thought he was being attacked by a British criminal gang. Isn't it instinct to run away when faced with danger? I for one know, that if three men were running towards me with guns, I wouldn't just stand still and remain calm, I wouldn't be able to, my instinct would take over and I would turn and run even before any concious thoughts went through my head.

On balance, I think that this was simply a case of mistaken identity. I hope that, in the future, the Police would shoot dead somebody they are 99% certain is about to blow up a train, because I would rather have that than have 50 innocent people dead. However, I think the Police need to rethink the way they went about this. I don't know or what they could have done differently, because I certainly wouldn't have been able to make that choice to pull that trigger. I wouldn't even have the bravery to chase such a person. That's why I'm not a trained armed Police officer. I don't want to be.

But let's compare two situations. On the Thursday, an innocent man was arrested by armed uniformed Police, and then later arrested. Sure, the whole situation was very tense and dramatic, and caused a lot of hassle. He didn't die though did he. The man lay down on the ground and gave himself up, knowing that they were Police, and knowing that because he was innocent, all he had to do was comply with orders and then eventually everything would be alright, they would realise he was innocent and let him go. On Friday's incident, it was not obvious they were Police.

In conclusion: It was a tradgedy that this innocent man died, and I think questions need to be asked about how they went about this. However, if I was ever on a train next to a man that Police were 99% certain was about to blow us all up, I would definately want them to shoot him dead. Extreme situations call for extreme actions, and sometimes mistakes will happen. I just wish we weren't in this situation in the first place, as everyone does obviously.

This is all a sign of the start of a new age of violence. The terrorists have moved west, and I fear that London may become just like those places in the east, with suicide bombings happening several times a week, and we'll all just get so used to seeing it on the news.

We're an easy target though. We're much closer than America. We're joined to mainland Europe by an underground tunnel.


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