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2 Dreams - Michelle & Cousins

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Having Dinner With Michelle

I was having dinner with my old friends Michelle and Paul and also Michelle's mum Debbie. Michelle's brother and sister weren't there though. We were eating pasta, and I suddenly asked Debbie, "Is this pasta made of wheat?" to which she replied, "Yes," to which I replied, "Oh no! That's my special diet out the window!" to which she then replied, "Oh, wait a minute, actually it's buckwheat."

Then we were eating something else, and we had this strange cutlery to eat it with, which was made out of wood. One of them had some kind of square thing on the end of it, and I was told this was to cool the food (??????).

Naked Cousins

I was sharing a bedroom with my two female cousins and their female friend. One of my cousins stood up and had a towel wrapped around her, and then she walked off towards an en-suite bathroom, dropping the towel as she went. Then the other two followed. I tried to follow as well (having a bath with 3 women sounded like my idea of fun), but I got shut out, so I said, "Right, that's it! I'm going to sleep in a different bedroom then!" and I went downstairs and actually ended up going into a downstairs bathroom to have a wee, and this young bloke was in there running a bath (probably one of their boyfriends).


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