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Half Price Swimming

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Today I went swimming, and I had the following conversation with the receptionist:

Me: Swim please.
Her: Child or Adult?
Me: Well...if you think I look young enough to be a child...
Her: You tell me.
Me: ...umm.....
Me: Child.
Her: £1.40 then please. [normal adult price is £2.80]

I don't usually do this. I don't actually ask for a "child swim" when I go swimming, I just ask for a swim, and they automatically charge me an adult fee, but if they're going to be stupid enough to ask me, fine, I'll pay half, see me care! Not!

Yes, I know what you're thinking, that last word was SO 1990s! Do I care? DO I F---

We interrupt this broadcast with some Breaking News! George Bush has been found dead in a hotel room, hanging from the ceiling, pair of ladies tights on his legs.

Oh. Um...


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